British Airways flight attendant accused of selling sex on flights

A British Airways stewardess is promising to cause severe turbulence — by advertising for sex between flights.

The attendant, who also sells her underwear online, lures in clients by taking risque snaps mid-air in her uniform.

One sees her hitching up her skirt in the galley kitchen yards from oblivious passengers.

Another in a cabin toilet showed her wearing just tights under her BA uniform, with the caption: “No panties on Sundays.”

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A BA stewardess is under investigation for offering sexual services.Source:The Sun

The unidentified stewardess even sells her underwear.Source:The Sun

Prospective punters are also treated to a shot of her legs splayed out in the cabin of an aircraft.

Asked about her extra-curricular work during a Sun investigation, the stewardess boasted of being a member of BA’s Heathrow-based crew.

She charges punters £25 (AU$45) for a pair of her knickers, but the fee rises steeply for one-to-one services.

She states: “You will need to pay a securing fee of £50 (AU$90) to meet. Prices vary depending on the requested meet — no negotiating.

“If I have booked a hotel for work, the meet will take place there (London).”

She is also happy to meet overseas if away with BA but states: “You would need to book another hotel for protection and privacy.”

The unidentified stewardess even promises passengers some specialist treatment in mid-air.

She says on her blog: “If you ever want adult entertainment on-board, all you have to do is give me a sum of money and you’ll be treated to a whole different experience of your choice.”

British Airways flight attendant accused of selling sex on flightsSource:The Sun

British Airways flight attendant accused of selling sex on flightsSource:The Sun

She also boasts of romping with fellow crew. A photo shows her sprawled on a hotel bed in Edinburgh, holding a glass of red wine between her toes.

She said: “Nothing better than getting drunk with my pilot so he can do whatever he wants to me. Cheers.”

The BA employee’s part-time role raised eyebrows among airline colleagues.

One source told The Sun: “She is clearly prostituting herself and boosting her business by using photos taken on board BA planes.

“She is wearing the airline uniform and there’s no doubt she’s a stewardess.

“It is shocking dereliction of duty and not the image BA wants of its cabin crew.”

Another crew member suggested she was topping up her pay after Covid-related cuts.

They said: “This highlights a serious point in that many staff can’t afford to live on reduced wages since the cutbacks, and she is raising funds in her own time.

“But this is not on. Times are hard and if this is something she’s happy doing it’s hard to argue.

“But she is bringing her employer into disrepute and placing herself in great danger.”

Last night BA was seeking to identify the staff member as it launched an investigation.

A spokesman told The Sun: “We expect the highest standard of behaviour from all of our colleagues at all times, and we are investigating the claims.”

This article originally appeared in The Sun and was reproduced with permission.

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