Britain By Beach: ‘Incredible’ seaside Welsh village with cockling history is ‘lovely’

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A seaside holiday is not only a good idea in summer. There are many beautiful coastlines to explore all over the UK, and Channel 4’s Britain By Beach is taking them one at a time.

In South Wales, Llansteffan is a small village with a fascinating cockling history.

Llansteffan has long been a centre of the Welsh cockling industry.

Cockling is still a popular activity in the village, for both locals and visitors.

The village has two beaches, The Green and Scott’s Bay.

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On Tripadvisor, Fee E said: “A beautiful little gem packed with all things good!

“A really lovely beach and area around it. Path and benches behind beach, beautiful huge sandy clean beach, beside an estuary so no swimming, and further along rockpools caves and more wildness.

“There is a lovely walk up to the ruins of the castle starting from the car park, although it’s quite steep!”

To find Scott’s Bay, holidaymakers will want to walk around the headland.

The sandy cove is perfect for swimming.

On the way, Britons can also stop at St Anthony’s Well, where the water was rumoured to cure love-sickness.

Besides cockling and beaches, Llansteffan has a connection with Dylan Thomas.

The Welsh poet visited the village regularly from a young age and his mother’s family came from the area.

Llansteffan Castle is located on the headland and overlooks the sea and the Tywi estuary.

The ruins of the castle can be explored for free.

Ellen F said: “The view from the castle is incredible.

“It is a very steep walk to the top but well worth the effort.

“What remains of the castle are well maintained and interesting, but for me it was the breathtaking views all around the shore and way across the water that made it even more worthwhile.”

Nick W said: “This free to visit castle has great views of the estuary and also has a surprising amount of the original structure intact.

“There has been a castle here since the 11th century and the mound that housed that original structure is still in situ within the walls of the expanded castle.”

And Alex Mortimer wrote: “Amazing castle with interesting history. The view from the front looking over onto the sea is beautiful.”

Channel 4’s Britain By Beach is on tonight at 8pm.

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