Brit in party town with 80p pints shares huge amount £22 bought her in a day

A Brit has revealed how she spent just £22 in an entire day on holiday at a party town that rivals Benidorm.

Dani Dimitrova was on holiday with her pals at Sunny Beach in Bulgaria – famed for its 80p pints – when they managed to find a spot to enjoy the sun and good food while spending very little.

The group were given all-day access to the pool and beach party for the low-budget price that didn't hurt their bank balance. In the video, which has gained more than 1,400 likes, she said: "Here is what £22 got me in Sunny Beach.

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"I went to Kiki Beach and we got a lounge bed and an iced latte, which was really good. Pizza with Nutella and fruits. Access to the swimming pool for the whole day. This amazing poke bowl and this fruit platter.

"And an actual beach party with a DJ for the whole day. All of that for £22."

She added in the caption: "The lounge bed is free but you have to spend 100 leva which is approximately £43.87 and we split it between three of us as it was big enough.

"I forgot to mention that you always get free towels. Do you think this is a good deal?"

TikTok viewers were left stunned by how far their money went as they took to the comments wanting to try it for themselves.

One user said: "We are going to sunny beach soon. What is this place called so I can book it?" Another added: "Sol nessebar palace is the best. I was there at summer."

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A third commented: "Damm I miss that bar." Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Currently there rn."

It comes after a Sunny Beach DJ revealed how he often sees people bonking in the streets – followed by daily walks of shame.

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