‘Bring plenty of sunscreen’: The best island destinations for a holiday named

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With travel made easier by the latest relaxing of restrictions, Britons may be looking to book a holiday overseas this year. Islands all over the world offer some of the best options for a beach holiday, but which are the most popular?

The most popular island in the world for a holiday was Bali.

The Indonesian island and its mix of beach and volcano, coupled with great weather, make it one of the best destination to jet off to.

Coming second was Hawaii, the US state entirely made up of paradisiac islands. 

Hawaii’s sunsets are particularly popular, with many holidaymakers sharing their travel pictures all over the Internet.

While the two best island destinations for a holiday are beautiful, they may not be the most realistic for Britons looking to book a holiday.

But some of the islands which made the list are far closer to home.

In third place was Ibiza, in Spain, a popular holiday destination for Britons.

Spain holidays are one of the favourite types of holidays for British holidaymakers.

Ibiza is known for its parties and nightlife, but there’s much more to discover on the Spanish island.

Another European island, Sicily in Italy came fourth.

The “open air museum” is the perfect getaway for culture and history lovers.

Sicily is also a well-known producer of wine, ensuring Britons’ holidays will be topped off with plenty of quality drinks.

Also making the list was Sardinia, also in Italy, at number seven.

Greece was well represented with Santorini and its white villages at number eight and Crete rounding up the top 10.

A spokesperson for buildyouraquarium.com, Stefan Gheorghe, had some tips for a successful island holiday.

Stefan said: “Firstly, it is important to remember that many exotic islands, such as the Bahamas, will have extremely warm temperatures therefore you will be better with light weight clothing that is thin but still offers some protection from the sun.

“As you will likely be traveling on a ferry to said island, I recommend a water-resistant bag so any items, particularly electrical will not be damaged by water.

“I would also suggest bringing plenty of SPF lip balm and sunscreen, as well as insect repellent and reusable plastic storage bags that are useful for storing wet swimwear.

“On the practical front, you don’t want to be caught short by not having an adaptor, so you are able to charge the appliances you bring.

“A back-up phone charger or portable charger is something to be remembered.”

The most popular island destinations for a holiday

1. Bali

2. Hawaii

3. Ibiza

4. Sicily

5. Sri Lanka

6. Maldives

7. Sardinia

8. Santorini

9. The Bahamas

10. Crete

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