Bride wanted beach ‘shut down’ and people kicked out of the sea for wedding snap

A bride has left people gobsmacked after explaining that she wanted the local beach “shut down” for her wedding day.

Posting on Reddit, in the “Am I the A**hole” forum, the woman’s words quickly went viral after she posted about her bridezilla antics.

She noted that she recently celebrated her nuptials with her new husband at a beach-front hotel in Cancun, Mexico.

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But, she was upset as there were other people there – members of the public – in “the sea playing or doing jet ski activities.”

The bride added: “It really bothered me because they would appear in the background so I told my wedding planner about it.

“She was very understanding and said she would fix it.”

But, it turned out the planner couldn’t get anyone to move as they “just declined and continued”.

The bride added: “I even took the time to go myself and ask them to stop but they didn’t care.

“I was about to go and tell someone from the hotel but my now husband stopped me and said it would be an a**hole thing to do.

“I told him standing up for myself wasn’t an a**hole thing to do and went looking for hotel staff, but they said there was nothing they could do.”

The new bride asked whether she did the right thing by demanding people move from the beach.

She wrote: “When I returned my husband was moody and I wonder if it really was an a**hole thing to do. Am I the a**hole?”

The 24-year-old added: “Shut down the ocean, it’s my wedding day!”

And, many people replied to the woman to share their thoughts, reports Tyla.

One person wrote: “My friends got married on the beach at a resort near there. We have a wonderful gallery of fat men in tiny speedos. Bride and groom kissing, a balding sunburned man watching.

“They could photoshop them out but the bride and groom were relaxed and we all joked about it and it was a fun day for everyone.”

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Another added: “Has she ever heard of PHOTOSHOP? Hell my husband would be like ‘hey come party with us and pose in our pics. Let’s go boogie board later!’

“This bride is not only a bridezilla but also a dumba** to think they would be alone on a beach and that she could police the tourists,” added another. “ People are spending their money to be there just as she did.”

Another noted: “If you don’t want random members of the public in your photos, don’t take your photos in a public place.”

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