Best destination in the world for British expats named

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The Internations Expat Insider City Ranking asked expats around the world to rank their home based on several important factors. A stunning destination in Spain was named the best place for British expats.

Best destinations for British expats

Valencia, Spain

Dubai, UAE

Mexico City, Mexico

Lisbon, Portugal

Madrid, Spain

Bangkok, Thailand

Basel, Switzerland

Melbourne, Australia

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Singapore, Singapore

Valencia was named the best city in the world for British expats and the sunny Spanish spot has plenty to offer Brits.

The Spanish destination topped the quality of life category and expats loved the city’s transport network.

Nearly 90 percent of expats thought that the city’s public transport was affordable while they also loved Valencia’s leisure options.

A British expat said: “I love the opportunity to do activities outdoors regularly.” Valencia can have temperatures as high as 17 degrees in December making it easy to enjoy life outdoors.

The port city lies on Spain’s southeastern coast and is known for its incredible City of Arts and Sciences.

The spacious complex includes an aquarium, a planetarium and an interactive museum, perfect for a family day out.

Expats will also be in easy reach of the beach and can enjoy walks in the Turia Park, which runs for 9km.

Valencia scored highly when it came to healthcare and most expats thought there was easy access to medical services.

The city was also the perfect spot for expats on a budget with around two thirds of expats saying they were happy with their financial situation.

Valencia also ranked first for affordable housing and nearly 95 percent of expats said they felt safe there.

One expat said: “You get a good quality of life for a very reasonable cost of living.”

Expats found it easy to settle in Valencia and over four in five agreed that the local people were friendly.

Almost three quarters of the expats said they felt at home in Valencia while nearly 80 percent felt welcome.

However, expats did find that the local bureaucracy wasn’t easy to deal with and one said that “government processes are pretty inefficient”.

Career prospects weren’t highly rated in the city and just 56 percent of expats said they were happy with their job.

However, the majority of those surveyed said that they didn’t move to Valencia for work which may have had an impact on the results.

The most popular reasons to move to Valencia were for a better quality of life or to retire abroad.

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