Beach named one of UK’s best has sparkling clear water and no tourists

Three Cliffs Bay: Time-lapse shots show coastline near Southgate

Located just three hours from London, Three Cliffs Bay in Southgate, Wales is a picturesque destination renowned for its clear waters, sandy ground, and lack of crowds.

What sets Three Cliffs Bay apart is its slightly remote location, which means it remains virtually tourist-free compared to more accessible beaches.

Accessible only by foot, this secluded paradise offers a tranquil and unspoiled environment for beachgoers seeking a peaceful escape.

The beach itself features a scenic stretch of golden sand backed by three limestone cliffs. The shoreline is a mix of sand dunes, salt marshes, and rock pools, creating a captivating landscape that’s perfect for exploration. A meandering stream adds to the charm of the beach, making it a photographer’s dream.

To reach Three Cliffs Bay, you’ll need to navigate across the sand dunes, or alternatively, a flatter route along the valley bottom from nearby Parkmill is available, although during high tide, using the dunes may be necessary to make your way back.

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After a day of soaking up the sun and enjoying the natural beauty, you can refuel at Southgate village close by.

The highly rated Three Cliffs Coffee Shop serves up classic breakfast foods and is known for its takeaway pizzas that people are willing to travel miles for.

One previous visitor said: “Have been here several times now and it has always been good. Baguettes, salads, Ploughman’s all excellent. Coffee and cakes are not too shabby either! Good value for money and friendly service.”

Another popular choice is Pobbles Pizza, where you can indulge in delicious sourdough pizzas starting at £8. Their menu features a variety of flavours inspired by cuisines from around the world, including Italian, French, Greek, and Aussie.

Diners rave about the “fantastic pizza” and the recently added day menu, which includes “baguettes with delectable fillings”.

You can travel to Three Cliffs Bay from London with a direct train from Paddington to Swansea, and from there, take a 20-minute taxi ride to the beach.

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