Badly-behaved Brits face ban from Ibiza and Majorca as well as fines for boozing

Brits are being warned that they could soon be hit with on-the-spot fines for drinking booze in the street in holiday hotspots like Ibiza and Majorca, as well as a ban from the party islands.

Local authorities in the Balearic Islands have been trying to crack down on unruly tourists in recent years, and are now being urged to introduce strict rules that could see holidaymakers facing hefty fines for boozing in the street. There have also been reports of a 'blacklist' where badly-behaved Brits could be banned from the islands altogether.

The islands’ Head of Tourism Jaume Bauza confirmed the idea of a blacklist was being considered as part of a package of tougher measures being prepared against anti-social visitors.

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Now, locals are calling for a ban on drinking in the street, with on-the-spot fines. Local newspaper Diario de Mallorca said the proposal, with on-the-spot cash penalties charged through the use of card reading machines, was one of a number of new measures that has been put forward. Owners of hotels, restaurants and bars are being asked to review the proposals.

Boozed up tourists already face punishment in some parts of the island. In 2020, a new decree was agreed or certain areas such as Magaluf in Majorca and the West End of San Antonio in Ibiza, with fines of up to £5,000 for anyone caught jumping off hotel balconies, and a six-drinks limit at all-inclusive hotels.

A new regional government took power in May have since been trying to crack down on unruly tourists in favour of "responsible tourism". The authorities yet to respond to the reports about on-the-spot fines for drinking alcohol in the street.

As for a potential blacklist of unruly tourists, Mr Bauza appeared to confirm last month that a proposal to put some anti-social visitors on a plane back home and ban them for returning for a certain period was being considered. However, he added that it could depend on the "crime or infraction committed" when asked about the proposal at a meeting about tourism with four councils.

He was quoted in local media as saying: "I’ve expressed the master lines and nothing’s being ruled out or confirmed at this stage. Then it will need to have a legal framework. The main thing is to target companies as well, but above all those people who behave in a way that is not tolerable, here or anywhere."

It's worth noting that any attempts to blacklist anti-social tourists could come up against EU free movement legislation, where the holidaymakers are from EU member states.

The islands have already brought in a series of rules including a crackdown on boat parties and 'booze cruises' on Magaluf. In fact earlier this year one party firm was hit with a £140,000 fine after they wre found to be escorting 130 tourists on a boat with loud music and booze on offer. Other rules include a crack down on organised pub crawls, happy hours and cheap drink offers in some of the bigger party resorts like Magaluf.

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