Auschwitz urges visitors to ‘respect the dead’ after woman’s ‘offensive’ photo

Thousands of visitors enter The Aushwitz Museum each year looking to learn more about The Holocaust and those affected by it.

However, the site has urged tourists to be more respectful after a photo of a woman visiting Auschwitz went viral on Twitter for its deplorable bad taste.

Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was the largest Nazi concentration of camps and extermination centres with men, women and children losing their lives within its walls.

Over one million people were killed at the former camp during the Second World War.

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The museum has asked people to "respect their memory" rather than treating the site like a photo backdrop.

The photo which sparked fury was shared by Maria Murphy, showing an anonymous woman sitting on the railway tracks at the camp.

The train tracks were used to transport the 1.1million people taken to Auschwitz to die and those few who survived.

The woman is sitting in a casual pose, leaning back and grinning while holding her hair off her face. She was posing for a photo being taken by a man crouching in the tracks.

The railway tracks stretched behind the woman leading into the buildings of the concentration camp site.

On April 15, Maria captioned the photo: "Today I had one of the most harrowing experiences of my life. Regrettably it didn’t seem everyone there found it quite so poignant."

In another Tweet she added: "We were asked repeatedly to be mindful and respectful. You would think this sort of thing wouldn’t need to be specified as a no-go for that criteria."

The post went viral and got 30million views.

The Auschwitz Museum even responded to the post saying: "Pictures can hold immense emotional & documentation value for visitors. Images help us remember.

"When coming to @AuschwitzMuseum visitors should bear in mind that they enter the authentic site of the former camp where over 1 million people were murdered. Respect their memory.”

Twitter users weighed in on the issue too with over 57,000 liking the post.

Klaus, said: “I would have said something. Something absolutely offensive, and heinous. I would have verbally given them permanent psychological damage. Then I would have kicked them in the face.”

While Harrison Lowman added: “This woman is posing on a railroad track that brought hundreds of thousands to their murders. There is no nuance here.”

Reggie Dunlop commented: “When I was there, I seem to remember the guide asking people not to do this out of respect.”

While Fei noted: “Shocking. Do they actually know where they are!”

Maria added: “The tour had already been going for 1-2 hours. There was no possible way of claiming ignorance.”


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