Are these Britain's best secret beaches?

Are these Britain’s best secret beaches? Amazing but off-the-radar sandy spots from Cornwall to Scotland

  • Researchers looked for beautiful British beaches that offer peaceful and secluded coastal experiences  
  • They did this by searching for sandy spots across the country that have low numbers of Instagram hashtags 
  • Beaches on the list include a cove on the coast of Northumberland and a sandy stretch in the Highlands 

With lockdown having eased all over the UK, Britons are flocking to the country’s beaches.

But mostly to the same ones.

For those looking for a more tranquil and secluded beach experience, here’s a list of off-the-radar gems.

The list has been drawn up by bathroom retailer, which set about looking for beautiful UK beaches that have low numbers of Instagram hashtags – indicating they are not visited by many people.

Included in the list is a secluded cove off the coast of Northumberland, a golden sandy stretch in the Scottish Highlands and a Devon beach near a waterfall.

Scroll down to discover the secret sandy spots, which are ranked below from the most to the least hashtagged… so as you scroll, they becoming increasingly secret.

DRIGG BEACH, CUMBRIA – 658 INSTAGRAM HASHTAGS: Drigg Beach is best known for its colossal dunes, which are a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest because of the rare plants and flowers that grow on them 

LEFT: TRAETH LLYFN, PEMBROKESHIRE – 583 HASHTAGS: Traeth Llyfn beach is located next to the villages of Porthgain and Abereiddi and surrounded by towering cliffs. Visitors must clamber down steep metal steps to reach it. RIGHT: TRAETH BYCHAN, ANGLESEY – 537 HASHTAGS. Traeth Bychan, which means ‘small beach’ in Welsh, is popular with watersports and fishing enthusiasts

TRAETH MAWR, GLAMORGAN – 410 HASHTAGS: Located near the village of Wick, Traeth Mawr, which means ‘big beach’ in Welsh, lives up to its name when the tide is out and huge sandy stretches emerge

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FIDDEN BEACH, ISLE OF MULL – 319 HASHTAGS: Fidden Beach is best known for its bright white sand and rocky granite outcrops 

LANGAMULL BEACH, ISLE OF MULL – 314 HASHTAGS: Getting to this beach on the Isle of Mull isn’t easy – it can only be accessed via a 30-minute walk from a car park between the villages of Calgary and Dervaig. But the mini hike is worth it

SPEKES MILL MOUTH BEACH, DEVON – 299 HASHTAGS: Located on Devon’s border with Cornwall, this alluringly rugged beach is known for its dramatic waterfall, which plummets down a 60ft (18-metre) cliff

RUMBLING KERN, NORTHUMBERLAND – 244 HASHTAGS: Located near the village of Howick, Rumbling Kern is a small but perfectly formed beach that shelters behind cliffs that face inland from the North Sea 

PORTBEOR BEACH, CORNWALL – 188 HASHTAGS: This beach on Cornwall’s Roseland Peninsula is surrounded by cliffs and can be reached via a 30-minute hike along the coastal path from the village of St Anthony

GAMMON HEAD BEACH, DEVON – 153 HASHTAGS: This bewitching sandy cove is only accessible on foot and disappears at high tide

SINCLAIR’S BAY, SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS – 142 HASHTAGS: This sandy stretch is located near the town of Wick in Caithness. The beach is also known locally as Reiss Beach

SHEPHERD’S CHINE, ISLE OF WIGHT – 86 HASHTAGS: This sand and shingle beach can be found on the south-west coast of the Isle of Wight 

WEST VOE, SHETLAND – 52 HASHTAGS: Located on the southern tip of Shetland, West Voe is right next to Sumburgh Airport. This picture is courtesy of Creative Commons licensing

STRATHY BAY, SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS – 27 HASHTAGS: Situated on the north Sutherland coast, Strathy Bay is ‘bounded by cliffs on one side and the River Strathy on the other’, explains VisitScotland

COVES HAVEN, HOLY ISLAND – FOUR HASHTAGS: This secret beach is located on the north side of Holy Island (Lindisfarne) off the coast of Northumberland and surrounded by high dunes

  • searched a variation of hashtags for each beach. The hashtag numbers are correct as of July 13, 2020, when the research was carried out.   

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