Amsterdam flights chaos: Schiphol Airport flights delayed and cancelled due to weather

Twitter users have been taking to the platform to complain about their delayed and cancelled flights. One wrote: “Waiting for flight 8308 from BCN to AMS to depart… Delay due to bad weather in Amsterdam. No information at boarding desk and a total digital “tombola” with changing and not changing times in El Prat app, Schiphol app and Vueling app… Info please Vueling…”


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A large number of flights out of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport are delayed or cancelled tonight.

The weather has been blamed for the disturbance, with high winds in the Netherland’s capital.

These includes a number of flights to the UK.

Which UK flights from Schiphol Airport are delayed or cancelled tonight?

easyJet (EJU 6922) 15:40 flight to

Edinburgh – delayed to 19:00

easyJet (EJU 8878) 15:45 London Gatwick – delayed to 18:35

easyJet (EZY 7402) 15:45 flight to

London Southend – delayed to 20:35

British Airways BA 435 London Heathrow at 14:15 – delayed to 16:30

easyJet EY 8876 London Gatwick at 14:25 – delayed to 17:05

British Airways BA 8445 London City at 14:30 – delayed to 16:25

Flybe BE 1094 East Midlands at 14:40 – delayed to 17:00

easyJet EZY 1838 Manchester at 15:10 – delayed to 19:45

Flybe BE 108 to Brimingham at 15:35 – delayed to 18:30

easyJet EJU 6922 to Edinburgh – cancelled

easyJet EJU 8878 London Gatwick at 15:45 – delayed to 18:35

easyJet EZY 7402 London Gatwick to 15:45 – delayed to 18:35

easyJet EZY 7402 London Southend at 15:45 – delayed to 20:35

KLM LK 1021 London Heathrow at 15:45 – cancelled

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