Airport architect ‘cured’ of flying fear in days – and has since flown 300 times

A professional who treats people with a debilitating fear of flying has shared one of his top success stories.

Many Brits feel uncomfortable when boarding a plane.

Turbulence, unexplained noises, the cramped cabin and the thought of soaring at 35,000ft causes many of us to get the jitters.

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Some try to cope with this through medication or avoiding planes all together – but there is another option.

Lawrence Leyton, who starred in Channel 4 special Fear of Flying, works with easyJet to help phobics overcome their terror.

He runs the Fearless Flying course with co-founder Mark Wein, teaching people to no longer be scared of boarding a flight.

The course involves lessons on the technical aspects of a plane, techniques to overcome fear and a real flight.

One of his clients, Pablo, originally from Spain, simply couldn’t get on a plane because his fear was so strong.

However, his parents lived back home in Valencia and Pablo was distressed as he could not visit them often because it took him a 24 hour coach to get back to his family home.

Lawrence told the Daily Star: “He called up about about seven years ago now.

“He was crying on the phone to me, he wanted to come on the course because he wanted to go see his parents.

“He cried on the way into the classroom and he cried when he left the classroom.

“He wasn’t sure whether he was crying because he felt better or didn’t feel better.”

But, after sleeping that night Pablo woke up feeling like a new man.

Lawrence explained: “What happens with the techniques is that when you sleep on them, you learn them, they happen at a subconscious level.”

The next day Pablo took his first plane ride with the Fearless Flying crew.

The phobia expert noted: “He got off the plane and he was overjoyed.

“So much so that he’s now taken over 300 flights – this is someone who hadn’t flown for seven years.

“He keeps a log of every flight he’s done.

“[Pablo] is an architect, and what’s fascinating is that one of his jobs [since] was being the architect of an airport.”

Lawrence added: “He had to fly to the airport that he was being the architect of to be involved in the project – it was a complete success story.”

easyJet is bringing its Fearless Flyer course back for winter, to help nervous flyers take control and overcome their fears.

With courses in Manchester, London Luton, London Gatwick, Bristol, Belfast International, and Edinburgh as well as returning to Glasgow, Liverpool, and Birmingham for the first time since the pandemic, customers now have a choice of nine airports across the UK, to book their experience flight.

A limited number of spaces on the courses are now available at

Dates range from November 12 to January 29.


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