Airline worker gets family banned from flight for complaining over seats

A woman who tried to get a family banned from flying on their holiday has caused a split in opinions over the quarrel.

The young customer service rep, aged 20, works for an airline and explained she came across a family who were trying to get home after the Yellowstone flooding.

The National Park was stuck by floods over the last few days while the entire region was impacted the river’s course was altered.

Images of houses sunk below the water and floating in mud have shocked the world.

But, the 20-year-old airline worker claimed the family in question were “panicking” about their child being sat away from them, reports the Sun.

She claims that their 14-year-old was separated from them for their previous flight and worried it would happen again.

The staff member explained: "I calmly informed them I can see what their boarding passes display and see what we can do from there.

"Lo and behold, the one daughter was astray from the family. It is company rule we cannot move around seats on a flight that does not originate from our station.

"I let them know I cannot move her to where they are sitting and all hell breaks loose."

She claimed the that the dad was ‘aggressively shouting” and demanding they all be at together.

They also couldn’t be helped because the parents were sat in the exit row and the daughter was too young to be allowed in those seats.

Apparently, the family “flipped out” once more when they were boarding.

So, the staff member told her manager and asked for them to be denied boarding.

She asked if she was wrong to do so online – and received a mixed response.

One person said: "Your company's rules suck. Parents shouldn't be separated from minor children.

“Continuing to tell them they didn't pay for their seats wasn't helpful either."

While another added: "At 14yrs old she would probably have been thrilled to sit two rows back and pretend that she wasn’t related to the two crazy people making a scene at the ticket desk."

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