AirBnb guests aghast to find list of strict kitchen ‘rules’

An Airbnb customer arrived at their rental to find an exhaustive list of rules for using the kitchen, including the host dictating guests wash dishes by hand despite the property having a dishwasher.

The horrified guests wrote that their “host” had even warned them against drinking the tap water. The guest posted the list on Reddit under the r/mildlyinfuriating section. 

The Airbnb host’s list of rules was printed on an A4 sheet. It was exhaustive, and some of the rules were downright weird.

The use of crockery was limited: “One dish and One glass per meal must be used”, it read. They must also be washed by hand, as there have been “issues in the past with non-complacency”.

Despite saying the dishes should be washed by hand, the list mentioned that the dishwasher can only be used outside of “neighbourhood quiet hours” which are between 1 pm to 2.30 pm and 10 pm to 9.30 am.

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The note went on to state: “We’ve had numerous complaints about the noise and have respected the neighbourhood quiet times by not using major electronics”.

One of the rules noted was that guests are not allowed to “bend our spoons”.  When it came to food, guests would have to do a fresh shop every day. Another strange rule banned the keeping of food in the fridge for “more than 16 hours” for “sanitary reasons”.

The rule about drinking the water was perhaps the most unsettling. “Tap water is okay”, the list read with tiny print underneath, “drink at your own risk”. 

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Some of the comments on Reddit had people feeling incredulous about the list.

One wrote: “I would not feel comfortable in that house. I feel like you’d be on edge the whole time.” 

Another wrote: “What’s Airbnb’s refund policy on ‘accidentally booked stay with neurotic host’?”

And another: “Like what dishwasher are they using? I work in a jail and they have an INDUSTRIAL dishwasher and I can stand next to my partner and have a normal conversation at a normal time if we are right next to it”.

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