42 days: Hotel quarantine nightmare for Qld man

A Queensland man stuck in Adelaide desperate to get home to comfort his wife after a family death has been dealt a devastating blow after he was told he faces a third round of hotel quarantine.

Sean Ter. Rahe, who lives in Chinchilla, four hours west of Brisbane, and works in mines in Mali, western Africa, is onto his second stint of quarantine in Adelaide after the hotel he was staying at was found to be the origin of the Parafield cluster that sent SA into lockdown.

He faces a third round in Queensland when he returns, which would mean a total of 42 days.

Mr Ter. Rahe had originally been booked to fly and quarantine in Sydney before returning to western Queensland until he was asked by a Sydney resident booked into Adelaide to change seats.

“It didn’t matter to me because I had to fly to Brisbane anyway,” he told NCA NewsWire.

Sean Ter. Rahe has previously had to hotel quarantine as he works as a drill trainer in Mali but lives in Chinchilla, Queensland.Source:Supplied

It’s not the first time Mr Ter. Rahe has hotel quarantined, being an international FIFO worker, but on the day he was due to leave he was dealt a blow.

“It wasn’t until I rang downstairs on November 17 – the day I was due to get out – to get my Queensland border declaration pass printed that the receptionist asked me if I’d seen the note slipped under my door,” he said.

“That’s how we found out we had to do another two weeks … A note under the door.”

Sean Ter. Rahe is desperate to get home to his wife after she lost her father, but is stuck in Adelaide hotel quarantine after the outbreak.Source:Supplied

In Mr Ter. Rahe’s second week of quarantine, his father-in-law and close mate was flown to hospital. The day Mr Ter. Rahe was due to return home, his father-in-law was moved into ICU, and the day after he passed away.

“As a FIFO worker I’m used to not being home for certain things … but I was meant to be home,” he said.

“That’s what hurts the most … I’m so worried about my wife.”

Mr Ter. Rahe was then told he would have to quarantine for a third time when he did return to Queensland, at his own expense, however he is applying for exemptions.

Sean Ter. Rahe was quarantining at the Peppers Waymouth Adelaide Hotel and was due for release when he was told he had another 14 days inside after the COVID-19 outbreak. Picture: Emma BrasierSource:News Corp Australia

He said he would do “whatever it takes” to get home, and cannot understand why he is being forced to undergo extra quarantining when he “isn’t being tested”.

“They won’t test us until the last few days … You’d think they’d be testing us every few days so they could release those of us who are fine,” he said.

“This all feels completely beyond medical now, it feels completely political about which premier can outdo the last.

“In all honesty, it feels like we’re pawns in this game, we’ve been completely forgotten.

“We’re being treated like criminals … We’re human beings, and every situation is different. Tell me how I can get home to be comfort my wife and my family. I’ll do whatever they need.

“This is all so senseless and hypocritical.”

Mr Ter. Rahe said if politicians and bureaucrats thought it was acceptable to force someone to undergo 42 days stuck in a hotel room, they could “come and join” him.

“Why am I being punished?”

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