United Airlines Flies Thousands of Masks to NY and NJ

To help the two states with the most cases of coronavirus, New York and New Jersey, United Airlines has teamed up with nonprofit organizations Airlink and MedShare to send supplies to communities that were hit hardest by the outbreak.

The airline flew a shipment of 50,000 N95 face masks from San Francisco International Airport to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey on Thursday at the request of Airlink. MedShare had sourced the masks from China earlier this week.

“Airlink and United have successfully worked together on countless disaster relief missions across the world, and it’s great that we could be part of this mission to help the people of New York City and New Jersey,” Airlink CEO Steve Smith said. United Airlines has been a partner of Airlink since 2010.

According to Fox News, the shipment arrived in Newark on Thursday and will be distributed to hospitals in both New York City and New Jersey. New York and New Jersey remain the states with the highest cases of coronavirus, with over 226,100 and 75,300 reported cases, respectively.

In addition to United, many airlines have put their grounded aircraft to use by transporting cargo and medical volunteers to areas in need. American Airlines has repurposed one of its Boeing 777-330 planes to deliver medical supplies, mail for the U.S. military and telecommunications equipment from Germany. Meanwhile, Delta has been using its Airbuses to fly supplies between Asia and the U.S.

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