AA employees sport new uniforms

More than 50,000 customer-facing American Airlines employees
started wearing new uniforms on Monday. 

The uniforms are replacing the ones American rolled out in
September 2016, which spawned grievances and eventually lawsuits from employees
who reported that they caused allergic reactions.

This time around, American says it has made use of independent
testing and certification to ensure that all garments are tested for hazardous

American is giving each employee a choice between wool-blend
uniforms or uniforms made from synthetic materials. 

The new uniforms are manufactured by Lands’ End. They are
now being worn by American flight attendants, customer service agents and
premium guest service agents. American describes the outer suit layers as
“Aviation Blue.” Designs of shirts and accessories vary by the work group.

Delta is also working on new uniforms amid a lawsuit from
employees that called them toxic. Delta unveiled its current plum-colored
uniforms in May 2018.

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