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Top up on protein, carbs and electrolytes after a sweaty summer session with this high-fibre lentil and veggie wrap.  Recovering from your training is crucial, […]

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In her latest Head Strong column, psychologist Kimberley Wilson explains the link between diet and mental health.  We eat to celebrate, have drinks to commiserate […]

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Take care when exercising in the heat, whether you’re running in the afternoon sun or strength training without aircon, with these expert tips.  The sun was all […]

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These simple lower back stretches release aches and tension. They’re expert-recommended and so easy you can do them in bed. Lockdown life has set us […]

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You could be forgiven for thinking that the “mindful strength training” is just another meaningless sound bite but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that […]

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Strong Women Training Club trainer Risqat Fabunmi-Alade demonstrates three squat variations to liven up your leg day workouts.  Forget challenging yourself to hold a plank […]

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This skipping workout might only last five minutes, but it will improve your cardiovascular fitness, co-ordination and core strength. There are many reasons not to […]

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After one too many mornings spent doomscrolling in bed, writer Nupur Trivedi decided to reclaim her day. Here’s how she learned to start the morning […]