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Dr. Siegel: White House ‘confusing people’ with mask messaging Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel breaks down the science of wearing masks after vaccination […]

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CDC panel endorses Pfizer vaccine for ages 12-15 NYU Langone COVID co-investigator Dr. Purvi Parikh weighs in on ‘Your World’ One of the most common […]

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New research has found that childhood adversity, such as parental conflict, death of a close family member or serious injury, before the age of nine […]

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In a research paper published in Nature Aging, the team reports using a novel approach to provide the first data-driven classification of multiple diseases obtained […]

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As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, researchers have found associations between certain lifestyle factors and a person’s risk of getting infected. While it has already been […]

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COVID-19 patients are at least three times more likely to experience complications if they also have gum disease, according to research published today in the […]

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A daily alcoholic drink for women or two for men might be good for heart health, compared to drinking more or not drinking at all. […]

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Listening to music is linked to a significant reduction in anxiety and pain after major heart surgery, finds a pooled data analysis of the available […]