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Damage to the autism-associated gene Dyrk1a, sets off a cascade of problems in developing mouse brains, resulting in abnormal growth-factor signaling, undergrowth of neurons, smaller-than-average […]

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Rokote Laboratories Finland Ltd., a newly-founded academic spin-out based in Finland is working to develop and introduce to the markets a nasal spray vaccine against […]

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Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have become a global threat today, owing in part to the efficiency with which resistance spreads among them. Some of this spread happens […]

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Catalent, the leading global provider of advanced delivery technologies, development, and manufacturing solutions for drugs, biologics, cell and gene therapies, and consumer health products, and […]

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A team of scientists from India has recently investigated the antiviral potency of a traditional medicinal plant Cissampelos pareira L. in preventing severe acute respiratory […]

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A gene variant that affects skeletal muscle function may have protected humans against lower temperatures as they migrated from Africa to Europe more than 50,000 […]

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The University of Melbourne study also found that mutation of the gene, Tmem161b, cymbalta and hormones causes potentially fatal cardiac arrhythmia. 2.5 percent of Australians […]

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A ‘biological age’ score predicts that being male, overweight, a smoker and having depression all contribute to biological aging, a study published today in eLife […]

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Krabbe disease is also known by many other names, these include Globoid cell leukodystrophy, Galactosylcerebrosidase deficiency and Galactosylceramidase deficiency. (1, 4) It is a very […]