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COVID-19 vaccine companies are developing new inoculations in preparation for variants that may arise. Vaccine manufacturers hope to streamline processes for faster production and approval. […]

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Critics of stay-at-home orders or lockdowns often argue that the resulting harms to mental and physical health are worse than the direct harms from COVID-19. […]

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Officials have given the CoronaVac vaccine emergency authorization in 37 countries. Interim results from a phase 3 trial in Turkey suggest that CoronaVac offers 83.5% […]

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Russia recently rolled out the single-dose Sputnik Light COVID-19 vaccine — also known as Gam-COVD-Vac — for wide circulation. However, some global health authorities argue […]

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A recently published survey shows that a significant proportion of people in the United States are not informed of the optimal timing of vaccination for […]