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Fresh breath, a pretty smile and healthy teeth and gums—they’re the reasons you brush your teeth each day and see a dentist twice a year. […]

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A study published in PLOS Computational Biology describes a new model for how the olfactory system discerns unique odors. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania […]

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Changes in individual cancer cells over time may explain why brain tumours develop so differently, and why some cancer cells are resistant to certain treatments. […]

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Neuroscientists and computer scientists from Princeton University, the Allen Institute and Baylor College of Medicine have just released a collection of data that marries a […]

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Chronic stress is a well-known cause for mental health disorders. New research has moved a step forward in understanding how glucocorticoid hormones ('stress hormones') act […]

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Thanks to a unique system that decodes brain activity during sleep, a UNIGE team is deciphering the neuronal mechanisms of memory consolidation. We sleep on […]

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A cross-disciplinary team including University of Texas at Austin statisticians Giorgio Paulon and Abhra Sarkar have received the Mitchell Prize, a top prize in the […]