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In his latest video, fitness YouTuber Alex Garfeh conducts a month-long experiment to see if he can achieve greater visible definition in his abs, despite being in a bulking cycle where he is consuming a higher daily calorie total than usual.

“Because I’m bulking, of course my abs aren’t going to be showing like crazy, generic cipro canadian pharmacy without prescription and that’s why I’m doing this ab challenge; to see if my abs can really pop through as I continue this bulk,” he explains. He currently weighs around 190 pounds, and is trying to get to somewhere between 200 and 210 pounds.

For 30 days, Garfeh performs 100 reps of different ab-training exercises every day, even on rest days when he isn’t targeting any of his other muscle groups. He mixes up the moves—including decline situps, and vertical, alternating and hanging versions of leg raises—to prevent the challenge from becoming too tedious.

In just the first 15 days, he starts to detect some noticeable changes. “They say abs are only built in the kitchen,” he says, “but I think we are disproving that now by hitting abs every single day.”

Despite not increasing his cardio at all throughout the month, Garfeh has leaned down somewhat by the 30th day of the challenge, and the daily ab-training certainly seems to have led to some visible results, even with all of the extra food.

“In terms of the bulk, I didn’t gain a lot of weight in the last 30 days, maybe just a few pounds, but that’s probably just water weight,” he says. “All in all, I am pleased with the results, and I definitely think my overall core strength went up.”

“There’s a reason they say abs are made in the kitchen, and I still find that to be true,” he adds. “Pairing proper training with proper nutrition will greatly increase your chances of getting those abs you’ve always wanted.”

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