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  • Lindsey Vonn, 36, just shared an intense workout video to her Instagram Stories.
  • She does incline lunges on a treadmill, weighted leg presses, step-ups, and more.
  • The Olympic skier says exercising is key for both her physical and mental health.

When you’re an Olympic athlete, you know how to get a solid workout in. And, lasix kentucky even though Lindsey Vonn is retired from alpine ski racing, it’s clear she’s still going all in at the gym.

The Olympic gold medalist, 36, just shared some snippets from a recent workout with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson on her Instagram Stories, and I’m sweating just watching her. In one clip, Lindsey simply wrote “new exercise” over a video of herself doing lunges at high incline on the treadmill with a sand bag slung over one shoulder. She then switches shoulders and keeps going at it. While you can’t see Lindsey’s face, you can hear her breathing heavily.

The next video shows Lindsey doing weighted leg presses and, in another, she’s doing a combo of step-ups with weights in her hands that she uses for bicep curls at the top. “This is not my favorite,” she wrote.

Finally, you can see Lindsey—and her six-pack abs—doing side plank crunches, before moving on to doing abs twists while holding a medicine ball. Whew!

That’s not the only peek she’s given into her workouts lately. Lindsey also shared a video a few days ago of herself holding her body at angle while doing one-armed raises with a dumbbell. “Strength is earned,” she captioned the post.

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And before that, she shared a series of videos of herself doing all kinds of exercises, writing, “Back to Cali and straight to the gym. Working hard makes me happy.”

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Basically, Lindsey has been getting it in at the gym lately, and it clearly shows.

While Lindsey’s regular workouts have some obvious physical benefits, she recently told Women’s Health that exercising makes a huge impact on her mental health, too. “Mentally, I just like pushing myself,” she said. “I like feeling strong, and when I feel physically strong, I feel so much more mentally strong. When I work out, I feel like I’m healthier and more confident. I’ve achieved something, no matter how small.”

Now that she’s retired from competitive skiing, Lindsey says that she finds a lot of “mental strength and confidence” from her workouts. “Finding ways to push myself in the gym has given me a lot of comfort and general confidence,” she said. “Working out was definitely my rock throughout the pandemic, too.”

Oh, and FWIW: Lindsey is a morning exerciser. “That’s always the best way to start my day,” she said. “I just am more productive and more positive, in a much better mental headspace.”

And, on the days when she’s not exercising with a celebrity trainer, Lindsey’s workouts are surprisingly normal: She likes to do a 30-minute bike ride in front of her TV while watching the news.

Note to self: Try that sandbag workout.

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