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After a long day, it’s easy to just pop a frozen pizza in the oven and call it a day. That’s totally fine some of the time, but we can’t be the only ones who have to stop and think about when the last time was we ate a vegetable when we’ve been powering through on frozen meals and convenience food. But now, you don’t have to choose between an easy meal and a healthy meal, thanks to Costco‘s new veggie sides.

Easy dinner sides at Costco!

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We were first alerted to this new convenient side dish by TiKTok account @CostcoHotFinds, which covers all of the latest and greatest products and deals at the store. Each Veggie Sides package comes loaded with three different vegetables — aparagus, halved brussels sprouts, concerta drug test how long and broccolini. Each one comes with a dollop of garlic butter on top to be added to the veggies when they’re done cooking.

This convenient side dish takes a lot of the work out of preparing vegetables for dinner, as anyone who’s ever had to trim and cut brussesls sprouts can tell you. Just open the pacakage, and roast, saute, steam, or grill the veggies as you desire. Eat the cooked veggies as-is, or you can add them to other dishes, like pasta, rice, beans, or even scrambled eggs to make a complete meal.

Each pack costs $12.99. Some people in the comments on the video thought that was a little steep. “That’s maybe 6 bucks without the plastic and butter,” said one. “Costco is insane lately with their prices it’s so disappointing,” said another. But with products like this, you’re really paying for convenience. Time is money, and having the veggies washed, trimmed, and ready to cook saves a ton of time, as does the fact that it comes with seasoned butter to add to the veggies after they’re cooked, so you don’t have to try to make a sauce or dressing. As one commenter said, “Our time is worth $$$.”

Costco members can find veggie sides in the refrigerated produce section.

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