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A woman announced her pregnancy to her sonographer sister by turning up at her work for a scan.

When Kelsie Taylor found out she was pregnant with her first child in May, she could not wait to share the news.

The 30-year-old was excited to tell her sister, Kendall Wright, 26, so she planned a surprise.

While Kendall, who is a sonographer and ultrasound technician, was at work on May 28, Kelsie, with the help of her sister’s colleague, the wellness pharmacy devised a plan to sneak in for a scan.

The colleague helped her lie down on a bed and displayed her unborn baby on the screen before calling in Kendall “to lend a quick hand with something”.

Then Kendall realised Kelsie was inside with her husband Justin Taylor, a 31-year-old mechanical engineer, and they were expecting a child.

Kelsie, an event sales manager, from Orlando, Florida, US, said: “I was a nervous wreck but I’m so glad it worked out the way it did.

“I knew it would be a huge shock and extremely emotional, because we’re so close.

“We decided to tell all of our friends and family – but I was most excited to tell Kendall of everyone.

“It was my favourite moment of all.”

Kelsie and Justin decided to begin trying for a baby when Kelsie turned 30 on May 8 and she had a positive pregnancy test within a matter of days.

The thrilled couple began preparing to tell friends and family one by one to get their private, natural reactions.

Especially excited for Kendall’s reaction, Kelsie got in touch with her colleague at the local imaging clinic in an effort to surprise her sister.

Kelsie said: “She told me the best day and time to come and then Justin and I waited in the parking lot for the green light.

“The whole office were in on it – keeping Kendall occupied so they could sneak me in.

“I was in the room with my ultrasound on the screen when she was called into the room by her colleague to ‘lend a hand’.

“The first people she saw were my husband and I – and as soon as I saw her face, it was the perfect moment.”

Kelsie said she and Kendall shed some tears – which she knew they both would.

Kendall said: “I had no idea she was pregnant. I knew she was trying but I wasn’t expecting it to be that soon.

“When I walked into the room and saw my sister, I was thrown off guard – I expected it to be another patient.

“I was shocked and trying to piece it all together.

“I was extremely happy, and I still am, there were a lot of emotions. I was crying with excitement.”

She added: “I’m still at a loss of words now – it couldn’t have been more perfect.

“Only a few months now until I become an auntie.”

Now Kelsie and Justin are eagerly awaiting their daughter’s arrival in late January 2023.

Since telling Kendall, she’s been the one who has performed several of their ultrasound scans to show them their little girl.

Kelsie said: “This is going to be her first niece and it’s been lovely that she has been able to show us the baby.

“I was most excited to tell Kendall of all the people we told.

“It was the perfect moment.”

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