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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are leveraging their platform to create a better world, and they’re doing so with their kids at the center of their focus.

In February 2023, the couple’s Archewell Foundation announced it would be backing the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund “as part of the foundation’s ongoing commitment to the future of technology and its impact on society.”

The fund, for which 14 organizations including Archwell partnered to raise $2 million in grants for eligible charities, is “aimed at supporting youth and intergenerationally led organizations shaping the responsible technology movement.” The RT Youth Power Fund cites technology issues as their primary area of concern, including everything from cybersecurity and digital literacy to introducing safeguards to protect humans from the potentially harmful effects of artificial intelligence.

On Wednesday, the fund announced its inaugural grant recipients, and in honor of the occasion, Prince Harry and Megan Markle called several of the selected youth to say congratulations — and a few of the conversations were captured on video.

The Sussexes spoke with Tazin Khan Norelius of Cyber Collective, valium stay in your system Trisha Prabhu of ReThink Citizens, Emma Lembke of Design It For Us and Log Off, Sam Hiner of the Young People’s Alliance Education Fund, and Sneha Revanur of Encode Justice. During their chat with Revanur, Harry sincerely said, “Thank you for doing everything that you do. Our kids especially are incredibly grateful.” Meghan added with a laugh, “They don’t know it yet, but they will!” The couple are parents to Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet Diana, 2.

The young innovators were thrilled to speak with the royal couple, with Norelius telling People, “It was exciting, to say the least, to have a chat with them. It was also just impactful knowing that they were a part of this fund and they took the time to personally congratulate and thank some of the members of the cohort.” She added that “it was really cool to be able to share our story.”

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Hiner also expressed appreciation for the Sussexes’ taking the time to recognize the important work in technology that’s being pioneered by his generation. “What I appreciated is that sometimes it feels like we’re not as recognized for the advocacy we do as young people,” he told People. “I really appreciated that they saw the importance of the work that we were doing and were speaking to the importance of young people getting engaged in the democratic process.”

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