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Yoga is billed as an accessible sport – all you need is some space, and ideally a mat.

Space in the physical body however, is often glossed over.

Those with larger bodies, or body types that don’t fit the yogic ‘norm’, might struggle to get the deepest stretch out of common yoga poses.

Reyna Cohan created a video to show how she, as a plus-size person, adapts poses to cater for different body types.

‘If your belly feels like it’s getting in the way of any moves, order depakote er online really make some space for yourself,’ she said.

The example she gives is the common move of pulling your knees into your chest, and demonstrates how with her body, the full stretch of the move can’t always be achieved.

So, she has an alternative way to do it.

‘Pulling knees to the chest, it can be really unavailable for a lot of us,’ she said.

‘It creates uncomfortable compression. It doesn’t let us get a deep enough stretch in our lower back and our hip, and it’s hard to grab our leg.

‘So bring your leg a little bit outside of the belly, more towards your armpit.’

Then your hand goes outside and around the back of your thigh.

‘That way you can still pull in, get the release in your hip and in your lower back,’ she added.

‘This also works for a knees to chest, bring them a little bit wider so it’s knees to the armpits.

‘You can also use your hand to gently pull your belly to the side, and you create a little bit more space there, so it feels good, it gets to the same spot, and it’s actually accessible to your body.’

In the comments, people shared how grateful they were for the tip.

‘Thats what I call functional yoga!,’ one person wrote.

‘I love this. Thank you!,’ another added.

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