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There are so many fun things to do to get ready for a new baby’s arrival — comparing your little one’s growth to the size of various fruits, shopping for tiny clothes, researching the perfect baby name, and of course, decorating the nursery. With their first child set to arrive in the next month or so, Bindi Irwin and husband Chandler Powell are making sure the baby’s room reflects their family’s wildlife warrior focus. The couple recently hired Brisbane, Australia-based artist and conservationist Maryanne Oliver to paint a cute nature-themed mural in her daughter’s nursery.

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“Thank you so much to our friend, Maryanne, buy cheap revia au no prescription for this amazing painting in our daughter’s Australia Zoo nursery,” Irwin’s husband, Chandler Powell, wrote on Instagram with a detailed photo of the mural. “She’s going to love it!🐊.”

“Absolutely spectacular!” Irwin wrote in the comments. “Thank you, Maryanne.”

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The colorful mural features a canopy of green leaves and rainbow hearts surrounded by adorable animals. A mama koala carries her baby on her back, two crocodiles make a heart with their tails surrounding an egg with a baby croc popping out, and a parade of porcupines walk along the baseboard.

Irwin and Powell revealed they were expecting in August 2020. In late January, Irwin’s belly was definitely growing, as she posted a pic on Instagram of her wearing her husband’s uniform shirt because hers would no longer button all the way!

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Choosing a decorating theme was likely a no-brainer for Irwin and Powell, as their lives are focused on nature, but it can be more challenging for other parents to decide what to choose. A baby’s room doesn’t have to just be adorable or cute, by the way, and creative and even elegant nursery decor themes that can mature as the child does are becoming more and more popular. Last year’s nursery design trends included everything from Scandanavian art prints and whimsical moth mobiles to candy-colored felt name banners and rainbow wall decals.

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Irwin’s mural artist also shared a photo of her one-of-a-kind nursery art, which revealed a snake coiled near the ceiling and more butterflies. “It was an honour to create a magical wildlife art piece at the Australia Zoo Nursery for my beautiful friends @chandlerpowell and @bindisueirwin and their little girl,” Oliver wrote in the caption. “Sending you both lots of love, the world is about to get so much brighter. 💚💛💜💙💗🐨🎨 “

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