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Pregnancy is a sensitive topic and it should be pretty standard that people respect each other’s privacy around the topic. Whether making sure to not assume someone is pregnant, understanding if someone doesn’t want to share if they’re pregnant, or being respectful when it comes to pregnancy complications, it’s just important to consider the feelings involved. So within families, and especially between siblings who are dealing with pregnancies, things can get complicated.

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That’s the case that was recently discussed on Reddit by user WorldyScore77 on the AITA forum. (The post has since been removed.) The OP details a situation that is causing a lot of tension in the family, specifically between the original poster’s (OP) brother and sister.

“My brother and his wife had a miscarriage,” the OP explains. “They were clearly very upset. They announced it over a dinner that they planned. Our sister decided that she didn’t care and announced that she was pregnant. His wife went out crying and she was acting like she didn’t know why she was getting dirty looks.”

According to the Reddit post, the brother was so mad that he kicked the newly pregnant sister out of the family dinner. Later, buy metronidazole 500mg online the sister called the OP, shocked that she got kicked out. “I told her that she got kicked out for being an insensitive ass and she shouldn’t have been surprised,” wrote the OP. “Now she and her friends are pissed at me. She’s called me and our entire family an ass. She’s cut contact and she’s still denying the fact that she got kicked out for mentioning her pregnancy. AITA?”

It’s pretty unanimous from the commenters that the OP’s sister should have waited to reveal her pregnancy.

Sweetpotato37 commented: “Having someone else’s joy shoved in your face when you’re feeling utterly despondent is one of the worst feelings. The sister should have saved her news for another time.”

Reddit user biddee could relate to this situation: “This is how I lost my best friend. I was having a miscarriage and called her for support. She said, ‘I suppose now is a bad time to tell you I’m pregnant’. I was like, YES! She could have waited!”

Pregnancy news after going through a loss is so hard. It seems as if the couple already had the dinner planned and rather than canceling, they just figured it’s the best way to tell everyone at once. Either way, the OP’s sister should have put her own pride aside and waiting to announce her good news.

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