Winter sun: Best destinations to ‘escape the dreary weather’ named – Spain not on the list

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A winter holiday in the sun may sound quite luxurious, but there are plenty of not-so-far-away destinations Britons can visit this end of year. Winter sun holiday spots in Europe are easily accessible and will provide Britons with plenty of opportunities to shed the protective winter layers and work on their tan.

The best winter sun destinations have been named by Visit Cascais and coming top was Valletta in Malta.

The sunniest destination in Europe, Valletta has average max sea temperatures in the low 20s, even in December.

Malta enjoys more than 230 sunny days every year and has an average outdoor temperature of 19 degrees at the end of the year.

It’s just over three hours to fly to Malta, making the country one of the best close by options for Britons in need of winter sun.

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In second place was Lisbon in Portugal.

Bernardo Barros, President at Visit Cascais said: “With 226 sunny days every year, and average temperatures nearing 20 degrees at the end of the year, Portugal is the perfect destination for Britons looking to escape their dreary weather and bathe in the remainder of our Southern European sun!”

Britons holidaying in the area can take full advantage of the winter sun, great food and beaches after a short flight of three hours.

Coming third was Greece and its capital of Athens.

With similar temperatures to Lisbon but slightly warmer seas, Athens delivers everything holidaymakers may want, from culture to food and history.

Athens is a fantastic city break option, but Britons heading to the famed historic city can still jump in the sea.

There are a number of beaches surrounding Athens, making the city a great place to make the most of winter sun.

Italy came fourth on the list.

Rome is another city break with beaches easily accessible.

Sea temperatures can be warmer than outside temperatures in Rome, making the city a great option for Britons in need of some beach time.

Rounding up the top five of best winter sun destinations was Tirana in Albania.

Tirana has the lowest temperatures of the list, and it is also a longer flight to get to Albania, but this could still be a fantastic destination for holidaymakers who want something a bit different.

Temperatures still reach around 17 degrees and the sea around 15 degrees, and there are plenty of soviet-era history to explore around the city.

Best winter sun destinations

1. Malta

2. Portugal

3. Greece

4. Italy

5. Albania

Visit Cascais 

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