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Have suitcase. Will travel.

Hang on. Not so fast.

Unfortunately, travel isn’t always that easy. We don’t live in a world without borders. Passports are needed. Then, depending on your next bucket-list destination, visas are often required within said passports. And as anyone who’s ever travelled anywhere requiring a visa can tell you, those aren’t always easy to come by! Fortunately, with agencies like now tackling the visa debacles for you, travel is getting easier than ever before.

Visas then

Time-consuming. Expensive. Fiddly. Pedantic. Tedious. Bleep. Bloop. #$%*. These are all words we’ve heard used to describe the process of acquiring visas from any number of the countries that need them. Visa websites can be hard to navigate, frequently with little to no customer support to ensure you have all the necessary requirements and information included before submitting, or to answer questions on what is, often, a confusing process. What this results in is a visa process that is not only frequently rejected, requiring resubmission, with all the tediousness and expense that goes along with that, but that could delay travel plans.

The good news is: that doesn’t have to be the case.

The only case you should have, is the one that’s packed and ready to fly, and with the help of a visa agency, that is now easier than ever.

Visas now

For a slightly higher fee (and in fact, with the chance of resubmission greatly reduced, possibly even less expense), travellers can now apply for visas to many countries through one single website, such as that offered by

Not only does using a service like this limit the frustration of trying to navigate multiple individual country’s visa websites and application processes, it offers a host of other benefits, including things like:

Simple process

Online visa agencies make the visa application process unbelievably simple to complete. Whether the visa you are applying for is an eTA, ESTA or a visa you must print out and carry with you, the process, instructions and expectations are delivered in clear, no-nonsense, easy to understand language., for example, asks exactly the same questions the official country visa sites do, but they add in handy explanations with each question ensuring you don’t miss any crucial steps, information or requirements.

Meticulous checking

Once you’ve submitted your application on their website, before processing them through official country channels, customer-orientated visa experts manually check each and every application submitted. These are visa specialists, with an infallible ability to spot visa application errors. This means you can be 100% certain that your application will have everything it needs and that your visa will be approved.

Money back guarantee

If your visa gets denied, you won’t be out of pocket. offers a full refund policy: if your visa application is denied for whatever reason, you are always refunded the full price.

24/7 help

Recognizing the frustrations and anxieties of visa application processes in years gone by, visa application sites like offer 24/7 customer service – actual real live people to talk to to help you through this process. (Can you believe it?!). This is offered by both by phone and email, including during weekends and over holidays. True story.

Regular communication

Unlike government visa application websites and processes, with you receive regular updates about any changes in the status of your visa application, by email and text message. This means you know at all times where your visa’s at and when you can expect it in your hands, ready for takeoff.

Have suitcase? Ready to travel? It can be that easy, in spite of pesky visa requirements. Let someone take the insecurity about applying for a visa out of your hands and get you on ticking off your bucket-list. Visa-stress free.

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