Tell us about your favourite holiday song … one that takes you back in time and place

It could be a summer hit you remember being blasted out at every bar and beach all holiday long, or a local song you heard at a festival or carnival that you couldn’t get out of your head – you may even have brought the CD home (yes, how novel, a CD!). Maybe it’s a tune that’s become a staple of your online playlists or your go-to for party or nostalgic vibes.

Tell us about a song, or musician, that still has a special place in your heart, and the link between the music, where you were and your own holiday or travel memories.

Use the form below to tell us about it – keeping your tip to about 100 words.

Send your tip by Tuesday 28 April at 10am BST. We’re afraid that in these difficult times, there is no prize on offer for the week’s best entry – though hopefully that will return soon. But in the spirit of solidarity and optimism, we’d still love you share your memories with fellow readers. That also means you do not need to be a UK resident to submit a tip.

Have a look at our past winners and other tips

Photographs are very welcome if they are high-quality (at least 700 pixels wide please) and you are happy to share them but it is the text we will consider. If you do send photographs please ensure you are the copyright holder.

The best tips will appear on the Guardian Travel website next week.

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