Man finds secret cave hidden in Grand Canyon – you won’t believe what’s inside

What do you think of when you think of the Grand Canyon? Vast space? Rock formations? The Colorado River? The epic ending of Thelma & Louise?

For those who have never visited the Grand Cannyon, it is all of that and more. You can hike, kayak, raft and find hidden gems like this family did.

While rafting down the Colorado River, youtube user KernalPanic and his family came across a cave hidden in the heart of the Grand Canyon.

In the description of the video the user wrote the only way to get to the cave is “by taking a raft down the Colorado River and climbing into the cave through a waterfall”.

The footage is from the man’s perspective using a camera strapped to a helmet and we can see he follows his family up a waterfall and in to the cave.

The footage, posted in 2013, shows the group of adults climbing ladders in order to get in to the cave.

At the top of the waterfall they follow the stream’s path which leads to the cave’s entrance.

The cave, which is located between towering rock formations above, opens up into a long narrow passageway and at the end is another waterfall.

This feature is often missed by other people rafting down the Colorado River as it’s hard to catch the small rock opening in the wall.

The large cave offers visitors refuge from the Arizonan sun and a chance to see waterfalls up close. We’re adding “scaling a waterfall and entering a hidden cave” to our bucket lists ASAP.

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