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Travelers are ready to cruise again – and they’re booking up 2021

Belinda Shawn*, a 41-year-old mom in Florida, has a family cruise booked with Royal Caribbean next year: It departs in late May 2021 out of Barcelona with stops in Italy and France. With the cruise industry on pause due to the coronavirus, and a resulting change in cancellation and rebooking policies, Shawn and her family could easily postpone to the following year or get a refund. But they’re sticking to their plans… [read more]

You might be surprised how much it costs to charter a yacht right now

With the cruising industry in tatters and the desire for remote travel greater than ever, chartering a yacht can sound appealing. But what does it cost? And will rates decrease during the coronavirus pandemic? Yachting has long been the terrain of the ultra-wealthy — and yes, some charter prices are akin to a down payment on a house. But for others, charters can be cheaper than a week on a cruise ship for a family of four… [read more]

Traveling post-coronavirus: How do you book your next trip when so much remains uncertain?

Now what? That’s the question keeping tour operators like Phyllis Stoller up at night. “How do you make travelers feel safe booking their next vacation?” she wonders. She’s considering limiting group sizes, avoiding buffets and bringing an endless supply of masks and hand sanitizers on her trips. Stoller, who is president of The Women’s Travel Group, says the changes will be expensive but worth it… [read more]

These are the top travel trends for 2021, according to experts

Ringing in the 2020 New Year, it’s likely you had big travel plans for the year ahead. Perhaps you were counting down the days until you’d fly and flop onto a Portuguese beach, or perhaps you wanted to finally tick spotting the Northern Lights in Norway off your bucket list? Yet, in late January a global pandemic came along and subsequently quashed all of our grand travel hopes for this year. So we’re looking to 2021 instead… [read more]

Travel after COVID-19: Armchair travel inspiration for when lockdown lifts

With the Olympics now postponed, 2021 is the year to visit the Land Of The Rising Sun. Japan’s high-speed bullet trains make it easy to zip between cities Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima… [read more]

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