Jungle Cruise Sinks at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Disney fans had a field day on Twitter after a Jungle Cruise boat sank at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando on Thursday afternoon. Riders were mildly inconvenienced at worst, and the attraction reopened soon after.

According to BuzzFeed News, Blog Mickey first shared the news after sharing photos of confused passengers clinging to the boat as it sank.

Here’s a photo sent to us of the Jungle Cruise boat sinking that we reported earlier

Story: https://t.co/oFhltI9dVz pic.twitter.com/SaIGhCeoeQ

Passengers like Matthew Vince saw the humor in the situation, tweeting pictures from the sinking boat as guests stood on their seats to keep their feet from getting wet.

Our boat on the jungle cruise sank today. Fun times! #wdw pic.twitter.com/jCxjIOzu9Z

The Reedy Creek Fire Department was called and safely helped riders off of the boat. The Jungle Cruise ride reopened after a 105-minute delay.

Twitter users soon caught wind of the incident and began to make light of the harmless situation.

Looks like Jungle Cruise now features the underside of water https://t.co/lxa3thc0px

Some users even speculated that the sinking was an intentional ploy to promote Disney’s upcoming Jungle Cruise movie.

I know Disney needs publicity for the new #JungleCruise movie, but sinking a ship with guests in it seems extreme.

Imagine riding Jungle Cruise for the first time and thinking THIS IS PART OF THE RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/00rNbXGYeN

Others wondered if there were any first-time riders aboard who may have thought the situation was part of the Jungle Cruise experience.

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