Grupo Xcaret Presents All-New Theme Park and Fresh Attractions

Mexico’s leader in nature and adventure parks, Grupo Xcaret, has unveiled plans for a new project, its first theme park in Yucatán state.

According to NITU, one of Grupo Xcaret’s founders, David Quintana, vice president of Grupo Xcaret, made the announcement on March 4, 2020, revealing that the project, named ‘Xibalbá’, is scheduled to open on December 12, 2020, offering 50-percent discounts for Yucatecans.

Xibalbá will be located near the historic town of Valladolid and include a tour of eight natural cenotes, each having distinctive characteristics for guests to explore. The experience will also feature snorkeling and zip-lining, an aviary encompassing over four thousand species of bird, a restaurant and musical entertainment to enliven the atmosphere. Visits to Mayan villages and other regional activities are also set for inclusion as part of the upcoming offering.

Over in Quintana Roo, Xplor Park—one of Grupo Xcaret’s three adventure-category parks—added a brand-new attraction, which opened March 2, 2020.

‘Underground Expedition’ immerses guests in an exciting subterranean adventure in which they’ll explore impressive stalactite formations within surreal caves and caverns. Wending their way through underground routes filled with crystalline waters and through lush, jungle landscapes, adventurers will encounter some of Riviera Maya’s most impressive obstacles.

Visitors will be able to opt for one of two distinctive, naturally-occurring routes incorporating paths through mysterious caverns touched by underground rivers and crossing hidden canyons; and, toward the end of their journeys, guests will also encounter two thrilling water slides.

Xplor Park already offers six exciting sorts of activities for visitors: rafting, stalactite river swimming, amphibious vehicle adventuring, ziplining, hammock splashing and spelunking (hiking through caves and caverns).

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