Five best scenic drives near the Isle of Wight: Explore stunning coastal views

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Britons have been keen to find alternatives to holidays abroad this year since the coronavirus pandemic caused widespread travel chaos. Staycations in the UK, long walks and Sunday drives have all become popular choices among Britons. The Isle of Wight is a beautiful island on the south coast that is known for its idyllic beaches, scenic views and enchanting villages.

The small island is also home to some fantastic coastal roads that are perfect for long drives. has rounded up five of the best scenic drives on the Isle of Wight.

1. Newport to Freshwater via Middle Road

The great thing about the Isle of Wight is the fact its a small island so the drives tend to be no more than around 30 minutes.

This short drive is just 11 miles and will take you around 23 minutes.

Taking the B3401 and Middle Road takes you from the outskirts of Newport in the heart of the Isle of Wight through views of the surrounding countryside before hitting the coast.

On the edge of Freshwater lies The Cow Co, a restaurant that deals exclusively in the best local cheeses, beef and dairy products.

2. East Cowes to Ryde

East Cowes is home to a beautiful road right on the coast called the Esplanade which is worth driving down before you leave for Ryde.

The road leads to a remote stretch of beach that has a paddling pool.

East Cowes to Ryde only takes around 20 minutes but is worth the short journey.

On your way you’ll pass Wootton which has a couple of pubs that are ideal for a spot of lunch.

Ryde itself is seaside town full of restaurants, pubs and shops that looks just as good as any Cornish village.

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3. The Needles to Blackgang Chine via Military Road

Military Road takes you from one tip of the island to the other along the coast.

Along the way you’ll pass Compton Bay and Downs which is home to a beach, clifftop views and an epic surf.

Blackgang Chine is perfect for families and has the oldest amusement park in the UK.

4. Yarmouth to The Needles

Just 17 minutes from Yarmouth, this is a lovely little drive that’s perfect for those who are new to the Isle of Wight.

Drivers coming from Hampshire direction can take the ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth and then make there way to The Needles.

The journey will take you across Yarmouth’s harbour bridge where you can see views of the New Forest.

Once you arrive at The Needles, park up and take a chairlift from the clifftop to the waterfront where you can then take a boat to The Needles.

5. Bembridge to Sandown

This is the shortest journey by far – taking just 10 minutes.

But if you go via Sandown Road, you’ll see Bembridge Airport and Bembridge Windmill.

You’ll then drive underneath a canopy of trees and leaves before reaching Sandown.

Sandown is home to he Ocean Deck Bar & Restaurant which boasts some delicious seafood.

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