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While there is no escaping the devastation caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus – both from a global health perspective and from a financial viewpoint – sometimes it is important to take a lighthearted look at the world around us, and to remember that better times lie ahead. I’m sure many of you have been sent all manner of different videos, jokes and memes. Here are just some from a travel perspective to hopefully brighten up your day. I hope you enjoy them and, until next time, do keep safe and well.

Quarantine day 14

For all of those with a holiday on hold. Credit: @jeroengortworst on TikTok. pic.twitter.com/RDqTzcSa1e

— Paul van Veenendaal (@yizmo) April 10, 2020

New airport codes

Missing London

Everything about this is Oscar-worthy #CoronaLockdown pic.twitter.com/MWstii8oLq

— Alex Wood (@MrAlexWood) March 28, 2020

Furloughed friends

Commuting in corona times

Commuting in the time of corona virus pic.twitter.com/vCfIQK09DE

— SPUR (@SPUR_Urbanist) March 19, 2020


Wine tasting tour

My brother has organised a wine tasting tour in his home. Each room has a different wine in it. #Corvid19 #coronavirus pic.twitter.com/yNQDXFZqxj

— Sara? (@Mistrigf) March 31, 2020

Emotional baggage

Beach towel

Travel agents

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