Nature lovers need the Blue Island’s amazing landscape on their bucket lists

If your holidays are usually centred around beautiful landscapes, then the island of Faial needs to be on your bucket list.

One of the nine islands that make up the Azores, a Portuguese territory in the Atlantic, Faial has been nicknamed the 'Blue Island' thanks to the explosion of colour that comes when its hydrangeas bloom in the summer.

But we're not just talking a few flowers; the whole island becomes covered in these vibrant floral displays, which are hailed as some of the most beautiful hydrangeas in the world.

In fact, Faial's land is incredibly fertile and offers up some of the best conditions for blue hydrangeas blooms.

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The best time to visit is in late July or early August when the flowers are in full bloom – and it can make for a pretty spectacular sight.

You don't need to head to any specific location, as the hydrangeas can be found across the island, whether on the sides of roads or in local parks and by the seaside.  (A word of caution – it is illegal to pick the blooms).

However if you are looking for something particularly special, then head to the Caldeira, a nature reserve in the middle of the island. The volcanic cone has some particularly fertile ground – and it boasts an impressive array of flora species.

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The Caldeira measures about 2km so it's ideal for a scenic stroll, even for visitors who aren't seasoned hikers.

Faial itself is quite a small island, measuring just 21km in length and 14km in width, with 173 sq km of land.

Of course the Azores isn't exactly on the doorstep for Brits, but if you are looking to get your fix of eye-catching blue flowers, then you may want to head to some of the UK's best bluebell spots in spring.

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