'Miami Shines' Campaign Prepares for Recovery Efforts

In the latest effort to aid in Miami’s recovery once the coronavirus pandemic ends, the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) has launched the Miami Shines campaign. This new campaign was designed to advertise the city in order to help drive business back to hotels, restaurants, museums and attractions.

Miami Shines began when GMCVB posted a video to its website in English, Spanish and Creole to garner interest from future business and leisure travelers. GMCVB also called upon Miami locals for their support through the Miami Shines Toolkit, which encourages residents to show their pride by sharing their own #MiamiShines moments on social media.

The goal is to ultimately bring back tourism as quickly as possible by showcasing Miami’s diverse community, people, places, neighborhoods, experiences and gorgeous weather.

“The GMCVB is focused on creating programming aimed at helping businesses and workers who depend on tourism for their livelihood. We see this as an integral part of what we do to support the local economy,” says William D. Talbert III, CDME, President & CEO of the GMCVB. “As a destination marketing organization, the GMCVB has helped Greater Miami’s community navigate challenging crises in the past, including the Gulf Oil Spill, 9/11, Zika and countless hurricanes. We are resilient, and with the support of our community partners we will soon shine brighter than ever.”

Miami Shines is just the latest recovery initiative by the GMCVB, which has launched programs including Miami Eats, Miami Salutes, Virtual Miami and Open Hotels for Essential Lodgers in the past couple of months.

Additionally, GMCVB has launched a website that lists all of the resources and charitable opportunities available for the travel and hospitality industry and opened the Miami Pandemic Response Fund for struggling families.

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