Lufthansa Group and Amadeus renew their IT partnership ·

Lufthansa Group and Amadeus renew their IT partnership

Amadeus’ passenger management and retailing solutions will power the airline group’s digital and retail transformation, while enabling innovation and business resilience

The Lufthansa Group and Amadeus have renewed and expanded their longstanding technology partnership.

Through this agreement, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines and Air Dolomiti, will continue to rely on the Altéa Passenger Service System (PSS) — Amadeus’ airline IT system — to manage reservation, inventory, ticketing, disruption management at the airport and departure control so that they can get their passengers to their destinations as smoothly as possible.

An array of exciting new services which are set to transform the way the airline group serves its customers — both online and at the airport – are also included in the partnership. The expanded collaboration with Amadeus benefits areas such as Lufthansa Group’s operations, disruption management at the airport, merchandising, shopping and airport services.

“With this agreement, we not only strengthen our cooperation and ensure operational stability, we also set the foundation for fostering innovation and boosting digitalization across our various business areas,” says Dr. Roland Schütz, Executive Vice President Information Management and Chief Information Officer at Lufthansa Group.

Amadeus’ platform strategy accompanies this expanded technology partnership. The Amadeus Airline Platform  provides airlines with more agility and greater collaboration opportunities with start-ups and partners to innovate, experiment and shorten delivery cycles.

“This expanded agreement is proof of the longstanding partnership we have with the Lufthansa Group,” says Julia Sattel, President, Airlines, Amadeus. “Our industry-leading technology will be supporting Lufthansa Group to achieve its business goals from shopping to operations, allowing Lufthansa Group to deliver the same high-quality retailing and passenger experience across its different airlines.”


Through this expanded partnership, Amadeus e-Retail will continue to power Lufthansa’s website, and Lufthansa Group also intends to collaborate with Amadeus to develop an improved online experience across its brands. With Amadeus’ new Digital Experience Suite and Instant Search technology, Lufthansa Group will be able to optimize its customers’ user experience – such as by changing the user interface on its digital touchpoints and the booking flow, or by building new landing pages for inspiration and traffic acquisition, while leveraging Amadeus open architecture to integrate third-party modules.

Amadeus technology, such as Flex Pricer , also continues to support Lufthansa Group in other shopping areas – this technology allows Lufthansa Group to display all airline fares across all routes, creating instant upsell opportunities as passengers can easily see the cost and benefit of upgrading to a higher fare class for any given flight.

Another short-term benefit for travelers is that Lufthansa Group airlines are consolidating payment services with Amadeus for their websites in order to offer travelers a one-stop and consistent payment experience over all Lufthansa Group websites.

At the airport

Lufthansa Group passengers will benefit from Amadeus’ airport and disruption management technology.

An example is through Amadeus ACUS Mobile, which allows Lufthansa Group airlines to check-in and process passengers remotely or at any mobile station around an airport, independently of existing airport infrastructure. This increased flexibility and mobility allows Lufthansa Group to provide a premium service to its customers wherever the destination, such as at remote or seasonal airports like BGI (Barbados); and also improves passenger flows and reduces queues at busy hub airports. Lufthansa Group and Amadeus have implemented over 50 ACUS Mobile workstations around the globe to date, in 13 airports.

Amadeus technology will also continue to support Lufthansa Group in areas such as the automatic recovery of passengers  in case of delays, and flexible payment for ancillaries  at the airport check-in desk.

Expanded partnership

A key element of this renewed partnership is that the Lufthansa Group now has a single contract, so that airlines can pick and choose from a menu of solutions those that best fit their needs. The new contract provides more agility to all airlines in the group, allowing them to easily implement new capabilities when they wish.

For the Lufthansa Group brand, this new long-term agreement will also facilitate the integration of airlines in the group, to ensure a consistent and high-quality passenger experience for all travelers, no matter which airline they fly with.

Eurowings will continue to rely on the New Skies PSS supplied by Navitaire, an Amadeus company, under a separate contract.

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