Kangaroo Island koalas and kangaroos spotted roaming London ·

Kangaroo Island koalas and kangaroos spotted roaming London

SeaLink Travel Group is using its new global footprint to launch a campaign to encourage international tourists back to Kangaroo Island and to Australia, unveiling SeaLink owned buses carrying our unique and friendly wildlife.

Rolling out across London, the slogan carries a clear message, ‘Kangaroo Island – we’re open for business’ and uses Kangaroo Island’s unique wildlife as a personal invite to come down under and meet all the friendly locals.

SeaLink Travel Group CEO, Clint Feuerherdt said “We are using our global footprint to show the world that most of Australia was not affected by the recent bushfires. It is still the most diverse, beautiful and friendly place to visit with so much to see and do.”

“Most of Australia was not impacted by the recent bushfires at all and the parts that were, like Kangaroo Island, the regeneration is already happening right before our eyes. It’s a spectacle in itself with all the vibrant colours literally rising from the ashes is something you simply don’t want to miss,” he said.

The eye-catching advertising roaming the London streets is a personal invite from Kangaroo Island’s koalas and kangaroos to not put off your travel plans, come down and meet the locals. There was so much of Kangaroo Island’s pristine nature and habitat that was not impacted by the fires. You will still have the time of your life.

London’s iconic double-decker buses will carry images of kangaroos and koalas through the main streets of the city for the next month, which is estimated to be seen by millions of Londoners and other international tourists.

“It is more important now than ever before that we are promoting our beautiful country, encouraging people to visit as it is safe to travel to Australia. You are guaranteed to have a brilliant experience that will leave you with amazing lifelong memories,” he said.

SeaLink Travel Group is using its international footprint to push the message wide and far.

On 16 January 2020, SeaLink finalised the purchase of the Transit Systems Group, including Tower Transit. This saw SeaLink grow from 1600 employees to over 8500 making the Group one of the largest transport and tourism providers in Australia. Transit Systems operates contracts for public bus transport in most states across Australia, with operations in London and Singapore through Tower Transit. The expanded SeaLink Travel Group now has nearly 3400 buses and 78 ferries.

“SeaLink can now take you to work and take you on holidays,” Mr. Feuerherdt said.  “We want to provide the best travel solution for our customers and clients that is both safe and sustainable.”

The SeaLink Travel Group connects domestic and international tourists to many of Australia’s unique and brilliant islands.

“SeaLink is synonymous with Kangaroo Island in South Australia, but we also connect tourists to Fraser Island, Magnetic Island and North Stradbroke Island in Queensland, Rottnest Island in Western Australia, the Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory, Bruny Island in Tasmania and more.”

“We also offer amazing cruise experiences on Sydney Harbour, the mighty Murray River and the Swan River in Perth through our Captain Cook Cruises brand.”

“We are not just encouraging international tourists back to Australia, but also domestic tourists to holiday here this year. There is so much to see and do in our own backyard, so I want to invite all Australians to get out there and support your local communities and tour operators.”

SeaLink Travel Group provides unique and memorable holiday experiences through our distribution partners globally. We continue to work with Tourism Australia and state tourism organisations including the recent relaunch of – There is nothing like Australia in the United Kingdom.

SeaLink Travel Group is Australia’s most dynamic tourism and transport company, showcasing the nation’s best tourism experiences to the world, including:

·         Adelaide Sightseeing:  www.adelaidesightseeing.com.au

·         Captain Cook Cruises Murray River:  www.murrayprincess.com.au

·         Captain Cook Cruises Sydney Harbour:   www.captaincook.com.au

·         Captain Cook Cruises Western Australia:  www.captaincookcruises.com.au

·         Fraser Island – Kingfisher Bay Resort:   www.kingfisherbayresortgroup.com.au

·         Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours:  www.kiadventuretours.com.au

·         Kangaroo Island Odysseys:   www.kiodysseys.com.au

·         SeaLink Kangaroo Island:  www.sealink.com.au

·         SeaLink North Queensland: www.sealinkqld.com.au 

·         SeaLink Northern Territory: www.sealinknt.com.au 

·         SeaLink Rottnest Island:  www.rottnest.sealink.com.au

·         SeaLink Stradbroke Island:  www.stradbrokeferries.com.au

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