Barbados resort opens onsite Covid-test lab

The Crane Resort in Barbados has opened what it says is the Caribbean’s first Covid lab associated with a hotel. The on-site lab can process PCR tests within a matter of hours.

The lab is open to guests, visitors to the island and locals. Appointments can be booked in advance.

Unvaccinated travelers, who must take a PCR test on day five of their stay, can book an additional test free of charge, with a results turnaround in hours, if their five-day test is positive.

To mark the lab’s opening, the resort is offering a Jetsetter package for $109 that includes personal VIP service, a fast track through customs, immigration and the Ministry of Health processes at the airport, a transfer to the Crane, a rapid antigen test on departure for the U.S. and a luxury isolation suite in the unlikely event a vaccinated visitor tests positive (the package excludes the room rate).

The Barbados government currently tests all passengers on arrival at the
airport for free, and visitors are also required to take a PCR test
three days prior to arrival.

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“Barbados has done an amazing job in controlling the spread of Covid-19 on the island, with current positivity rates less than 0.2%,” said Paul Doyle, the owner of the Crane Resort. “We know that very accurate and speedy testing will continue to be an important tool to keep visitors and Barbadians safe.”

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