AFTA comments on Fly365 Liquidation ·

AFTA comments on Fly365 Liquidation

On Friday 21 February 2020, Fly365 PTY LTD (ABN: 22606601521) entered into voluntary liquidation. Fly365, up until the time of the advice of liquidation, had provided AFTA with all the relevant information and undertakings to be compliant with the ATAS scheme and as such remained accredited up until the announcement.

AFTA was not given any advance warning, or prior advice, that Fly365 were entering voluntary liquidation and as such AFTA is currently investigating the circumstances leading to the liquidation.

Jayson Westbury, AFTA Chief Executive said, “This is a very regrettable situation and AFTA strongly believes that contributing circumstances beyond the control of AFTA and the ATAS scheme have resulted in this outcome.”

“AFTA does all that it can to monitor and review travel businesses who hold ATAS accreditation and for the most part this has enabled AFTA to predict certain outcomes but on this occasion, unfortunately AFTA was not in a position to either provide advance support to the business prior to its failure or predict this outcome,” said Westbury.

“While the liquidation process will need to run its course, a much deeper review of the situation is being undertaken by AFTA and a further review of the ATAS scheme will be given serious consideration as it applies to Online Travel Agents in Australia,” Westbury added.

AFTA understands that for the majority of consumers impacted by this situation tickets will be honoured or remedies via a credit card chargeback will provide the protection required.

AFTA will be providing support to customers and impacted travel suppliers as the situation unfolds and will provide further updates as the information becomes available.

Those impacted by the voluntary liquidation of FLY365 are encouraged to contact the liquidator directly and the following actions are advised:
1. Contact the airline directly to confirm tickets;
2. Contact your bank to initiate a payment dispute (chargeback);
3. Contact the liquidator

Liquidator Details:

Roger and Carson Pty Limited

Contact: Nicarson Natkunarajah

Phone: 0466 346 911


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