Palladium Hotel Group's New System of Health and Safety Protocols

Palladium Hotel Group has just announced its new health-and-safety strategies to address the ongoing threat of the current COVID-19 pandemic. As people begin to travel again, Palladium wants its guests to continue enjoying the type of worry-free vacations they’ve come to expect from its brands.

The company has heeded the call to elevate its standards, incorporating new protocols and measures regarding safety, quality, health and hygiene. At its 48 hotels located across Europe and the Americas, Palladium aims to provide guests with safe, relaxing environments in which they feel just as protected and cared for as they would at home.

A Task Force Team, formed by Palladium Hotel Group’s executives and associates, conducted an exhaustive analysis of both back- and front-of-house hotel operations to compile these new guidelines, which were then certified by external laboratories.

To ensure compliance with the new directives, the company has also formed the ‘Palladium Hotel Group Global Customer Experience and Safety Council’, comprised of chief operating officers, commercial directors, quality directors, and food-and-beverage directors chosen from among all Palladium brands, as well as independent expert advisors.

Cleaning, Disinfection and Protection:

Bolstering cleaning and disinfection procedures in all hotel spaces; placing hand-sanitizer dispensers throughout its properties, as well as in guest rooms; performing temperature checks using infrared thermometers, especially when entering enclosing areas; requiring staff to wear masks and gloves, which will also be provided in rooms; using disposable paper and single-use items; establishing protection measures at receptions and counters; and expanding upon onsite medical services.

Social Distance and Capacity Control:

Maintaining safe social distances of at least six-and-a-half feet between family units throughout hotel complexes, with guest spacing being monitored in higher-density areas; increasing gaps between restaurant tables, chairs, loungers, hammocks, etc. and visual markers to indicate recommended distancing; encouraging the placing of reservations for certain services, such as dining venues, fitness centers, children’s areas and water activities.

Restaurants, and Food and Beverage:

Guests are now encouraged to make advance reservations for dining, and limits will be placed on the number of people occupying restaurants and bar areas at a single time. An appointment system will help control access and diners will be escorted by staff to their tables, set with fully-disinfected tableware and napkins. The resort will be prioritizing a-la-carte options, custom show-cooking, room service and other individual portions with single-use packaging.

Innovation and Technology:

Guests will now be encouraged to conduct their check-ins and check-outs online. Resorts will eventually eliminate all unessential, in-room printed materials (i.e., menus, brochures, stationary), guiding guests to access hotel information online or refer to their property’s TV channel. And, guests will have the ability to make restaurant and bar reservations, access menus and have their questions answered in real-time through a chat feature. New, ‘ozone and mist’ disinfection systems technology will also be introduced to assist in air purification.

Education and Best Practices:

Through the various platforms and channels available in its hotels, Palladium will keep guests informed and aware of best preventive health practices, kindly requesting their cooperation. Staff will also receive training to address questions regarding such practices in order to support guests, and will also comply with all set safety, disinfection and cleaning regulations. Employees and associates will be provided personal protective equipment, and adhere to rules established in a manual of best practices at all times.

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