Cruise ships currently operating all have Covid cases – experts warn to avoid

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With the Covid pandemic still causing havoc on the travel industry, one particular holiday option is again in the spotlight for all the worst reasons. Cruises have started up again and many may be planning to go on a cruising holiday this year.

It’s been found every cruise ship currently sailing with passengers in US waters has Covid cases.

In a worrying trend, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said all 92 ships currently cruising “have met the threshold for investigation by the public health agency”, reported the Washington Post.

The US situation at sea is so bad the CDC has warned everyone, even the vaccinated, to avoid cruise ships.

They said: “The virus that causes Covid spreads easily between people in close quarters on board ships, and the chance of getting Covid on cruise ships is very high.”

They continued: “Even if you are fully vaccinated and have received a Covid vaccine booster dose.”

Many cruise ships have been turned away from ports due to Covid cases.

Most continued on their journeys, simply skipping the stops.

Norwegian Cruise Line has already cancelled a voyage due to “Covid-related circumstances” this week.

The call to avoid cruises has been a blow to an industry that’s suffered greatly during the pandemic.

Ships only returned to the seas in June after months of suspensions on voyages due to the pandemic.

In Europe, a cruise ship stuck in Lisbon due to an outbreak of Covid among its staff cancelled its voyage when some passengers tested positive.

The AIDAnova has 2,844 passengers and 1,353 crew.

While in port, 52 cases of Covid were detected among fully vaccinated crew members.

It was however allowed to leave Lisbon and head to Lanzarote.

Only for 12 more people to test positive, including four passengers.

The captain of the port Diogo Vieira Branco told TSF radio: “The company’s protocol was immediately actioned, with those infected, who are asymptomatic or displaying light symptoms, immediately isolated on the ship… and the company decided to end the cruise and disembark the passengers.”

On social media, holidaymakers are questioning why cruises are still allowed to operate.

User SonarGraphic said: “Really why go on a cruise, I mean if the whole ship is going to get Covid?”

And Rob Taylor wrote: “We are in the midst of a killer virus, why would anyone want to take a cruise being confined within a ship?”

Josh Michaud, meanwhile, said: “Not sure what I find more astounding: the fact that 90 cruise ships are currently operating in the US, or that every single one of them with passengers has reported Covid cases in the past week.”

Glitzy Mandelbaum said: “Touchless elevator buttons on a cruise: Because even the ship knows you’ve probably got every COVID variant possible because you are on a goddamn cruise!”

And Don Carlos summed it up thus: “These cruise ship commercials are ill advised. Bad timing.”

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