Cruise guests issue passenger warning – costs ‘more money’

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A guest asked other passengers on Reddit to share their advice for a first time cruise passenger. One guest shared a way to save money.

They said: “Thinking that you have to book excursions with the line. Not only are they way more money, you can typically book something when you get off the ship in port or even do it ahead of time online.”

Cruise lines will usually offer passengers excursions and tours to take when they arrive at a port.

This could range from a walking, bus or cycling tour in a city or snorkelling in a more exotic destination.

However, cruise line excursions can be much more expensive for passengers than other options.

Many tour companies offer trips for cruise passengers and will usually pick the guests up at the port and drop them off there.

These may be cheaper than those offered by the cruise line and can usually be booked online ahead of time.

However, cruise passengers will need to make sure that they get back to the ship on time if they don’t use one of the ship’s excursions.

A ship will leave without late passengers unless they are on an excursion with the cruise line’s own company.

Another guest shared their own warning about excursions. They said: “Like other people have said, it’s easy to do too much.

“My first cruise I went to almost all the activities and had an excursion at each port. I was so burned out by the end.

“Every cruise since, I check the schedule for the next day in advance and pick a time with about two hours for a nap.

“That way I can stay up late without being the party pooper. I also only do excursions at about half the places I visit.”

It’s easy to get tired out on a cruise especially if passengers fill their days with activities and excursions.

If a passenger prefers a more relaxed trip it might be a better idea to plan some down time into their schedule.

Cruise ships will often have a spa and may even have a library where it’s possible to relax and unwind.

A guest added: “The biggest mistake I think most newbies make is trying to do too much.

“It isn’t much of a vacation when you spend all your time running around trying to do as much as you can do and see on a cruise ship.”

Some of the largest cruise ships are packed with activities for guests to try on sea days.

From ziplines to crazy golf or laser quest, it’s possible to fill a sea day with an endless array of activities.

However, guests could become overwhelmed if they try to do it all at once. After all, they could always book another cruise to try the rest.

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