Cruise guest moans about ‘drunken rhino’ behaviour on board ship

Jane McDonald discusses cruising in 2017

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There are plenty of people on board a cruise ship, but the lifts carrying them may be small. Sometimes passengers will get into arguments with each other over lift etiquette.

Getting from A to B on a cruise ship can be made a little bit easier when there is a lift involved.

However, aggressive or impatient passengers can cause problems if they do not observe common sense.

A discussion on the cruise board of Reddit broke out about rude passengers failing to use the correct elevator etiquette on board a cruise.

In a discussion giving cruise tips for your next trip, one cruiser advised: “Before you barge into an elevator like a drunken rhino, give the people inside a chance to exit it. I know, weird concept eh?”

Another quipped: “Also, if people are already waiting for the elevator let them get on first.”

A third commented: “My dad is literally paraplegic and people would shove past him after he was waiting there first, it was so rude.”

In response to this, one empathetic cruiser said that some people “really suck”, branding the incident “terrible”.

Another stated: “That is horrible! Honestly, if someone in a wheelchair comes up after me, I’m still letting them go first.

“It just makes sense, they’ll have an easier time with my space to manoeuvre, and I can find a spot after they’re settled.” This cruiser concluded that “people can really be garbage”.

One cruiser sympathised with anyone who has encountered a rude lift user, admitting that her husband used to be a culprit of it.

They stated: “My husband did this sooo much! He’d move but after day two I was like, ‘My god man, let people get off first’. It’s like he was raised in a barn.”

Someone joked: “How do I get away with entering the elevator like a drunken rhino?”

But one seasoned cruiser revealed that even crew members typically adhere to lift etiquette.

They said: “The crew don’t even do that. The amount of crew lifts I try to exit while the others are pushing their way in is astounding.”

However, Royal Caribbean Blog, an unofficial fan blog for Royal Caribbean International, detailed a few reasons to avoid the lifts.

The first problem of getting around via lift is that you might be waiting a while, taking away time from your relaxing cruise.

Waiting times may be substantially longer during busier periods, such as meal times or port days.

Next, if you are able-bodied and can make your way around a cruise ship on foot, this makes room for people that simple are not able to.

One of the “best” reasons to skip the lift is to get those steps in and burn those extra calories.

Walking off dessert means cruisers won’t have to hit the ship’s gym – plus, walking may be just as quick as waiting for the lift.

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