Cruise guest complains about ‘brutal’ food on ship

Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes and guests will usually get a cheaper price if they opt to travel on an older ship.

Although older ships still have a lot of facilities, they won’t be top of the range or have the newest features. Older ships are often smaller although this isn’t always the case.

A cruise guest ‘Clbengel’ wrote on Reddit: “I quickly learned that the smaller ships just aren’t for me.

“There’s just not nearly as much to do and the dining options were brutal. I never thought I’d be itching to get off the ship and go home, but by disembarkation days, we were so ready.

“I just think that I’d prefer the more beautiful ships that have more to do and it’s well worth the additional money that you pay.”

Guests that want to spend a lot of time enjoying the ship and its activities are probably better off choosing a newer vessel.

‘Capital-Fun-9977’ said: “If you can’t overlook repairs being needed, then stick with newer ships. But really, people stay in 20 year old hotels all the time. Cruise ships are hotels that float.”

Older ships will usually be cheaper so they’re a great option for passengers who want to pick up a bargain.

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‘Cubsfantransplant’ said: “Honestly, if you want go-karts, rock climbing, amusement type stuff, go to an amusement park. It’s cheaper. We do cruises to go to other countries and explore.”

A newer ship might be better suited for a trip which includes a lot of sea days as it will have more for passengers to do.

However, if guests are planning to get off the ship every day and explore, they might not need as many facilities onboard.

Another guest ‘GoatEatingTroll’ added: “The larger ships cannot go to all the ports or may have to tender in, so an older and smaller ship would be necessary for those itineraries.”

Some destinations have rules about the size of ships that can enter and the largest vessels may not be allowed.

Guests on larger ships may have to disembark at a port further away and take a coach or train into the city.

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